1. 2017Capture first volumetric performance
  2. 2018Integrate our off-chain solution for micro-transactions
  3. 2018First of many VR performances live on beta platform using the VIBE currency
  4. 2018In-house production facility to produce custom holograms
  5. 2018Beta Testing AR apps using existing content
  6. 2018Beta test user created content marketplace
  1. 2019Release first social game integrating the VIBE currency
  2. 2019Release VIBEHub SDK for off-platform token integrations
  3. 2019Release to other VR/AR hardware platforms
  4. 2019Hardware rollout of VIBEHub VR headset and capture rigs
  5. 2019Beta test p2p file sharing protocol
  6. 2019First Retail location for VR Experiences
  1. 2020Integrating AI technology on the platform
  2. 2020Build capture facilities in multiple geo locations
  3. 2020First volumetric full featured interactive film
  4. 2020Begin development of a neural interface
  5. 2020Beta test VIBEHub virtual university
  6. 2020Real-time hologram communication on the platform