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How is the VIBE currency used on the VIBEHub application?

In order to watch concerts, partake in education seminars and workshops, attend meet & greets and go on Virtual Dates, You must pay in the VIBE currency to attend these events and social activities. VIBE can also be used to purchase digital assets, and vote on the platform as well.
Is VIBEHub a Virtual Reality application?

Yes, VIBEHub is a virtual reality application. Users are able to attend concerts, play games and go on virtual dates all in VR on the VIBEHub application. VIBEHub also places a strong emphasis on Augmented Reality (AR) as well and will be available as those hardware devices become adopted by consumers. The VIBEHub application can also be accessed without a VR or AR device. A less immersive version of the platform can be accessed through the modern browser allowing everyone to participate.
What is Volumetric Video (Holoportation Technology)?

What makes VIBEHub truly unique is that we are capturing performances and streams using Volumetric videos. This technology allows us to capture a hologram image of a performer or teacher in a live setting and place that performance or lesson in our own custom VIBEHub VR environments. This will create a one of a kind immersive VR experience that the world has yet to see.
Which exchanges are you listed on? Do you plan on getting listed to more?

VIBE is currently available on Binance and HitBTC. Of course, getting listed on more exchanges in the future is important and something our team is always working on.